Which Shop Vac Has the Most Suction?

which shop vac has the most suction

If you are looking for a shop vac with the most suction, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I intend to share a collection of shop vacs which offer the best suction power. There are a sheer number of options available, and finding which shop vac has most suction might be overwhelming. But, it will be less of a task with this ultimate buying guide to picking a shop vac with the most suction.

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Now suction power is an important feature to consider when buying any shop vac. That is especially the case when using the vacuum in your garage or workspace. Remember the shop vac cleans up sawdust, metals, and liquid spills. Thus, the suction power is what gives shop vac this capacity to clean up faster and easier. After my research, I came up with these recommendations for shop vacs with the most suction. I also cover the best shop vac models for each situation so you’ll know what to pick before you buy.

  2. Ridgid WD1851 Wet/Dry Vac
  3. DeWalt DXV14P Wet/Dry Vac
  4. Craftsman 12007 XSP Wet/Dry Vac
  5. Fein TURBO I SET
  6. Ridgid WD1451 Wet/Dry Vac with Auto Detail Kit
  7. DeWalt DXV10P Wet/Dry Vacuum
  8. Craftsman 12006 XSP Wet/Dry Vac
  9. Vacmaster VBV1210 with Detachable Blower
  10. Ridgid WD4080 4 Gallon Vac
  11. Craftsman 12004
  12. Ridgid WD 1450
  13. DeWalt DCV581H
  14. Shop-Vac 965-06-00

Best shop vacs for woodworking

Ridgid WD 1450

For starters, the Ridgid WD 1450 is has a 14-gallon capacity for its wet-dry vacuum suction. The motor also offers a significant advantage of being one of the most powerful in its price range. With six HP the Ridgid WD 1450 makes an incredible value for money.

I also found its hose and cord management as quite useful. For instance, the tube snaps into a loop over the top and into the available accessory slots. Yet, I found the cord management to be a little problematic but still impressive. It does wrap around the top handle but not leaving enough space.

The Accessory storage is also quite good as it allows you to roll around with your tools. To add the advantage, this Ridgid model does come with plenty of accessories. I found the fine dust filter, utility, and car nozzles quite handy when working with dust particles.

DeWalt DXV14P Wet/Dry Vac

The DeWalt brand is a name that I would also run into in my search for which shop vac has most suction. It was getting plenty of raves by customers on the quality of its fit and finish. But, I did find out that the real quality lies in the components in place rather than outlook.

In this case, the DeWalt DXV14P is a 14-gallon wet/dry vacuum that features a powerful five HP motor. Again 14-gallon as the tank capacity makes it quite heavy. But the unit is still able to move with ease thanks to its convenient large rear wheels and its handle.

Another great feature I found intriguing with the DeWalt DXV14P Wet/Dry Vac is its built-in blower port. Now, this is not a feature you will find on all shop vacs. DeWalt had this component as part of their model to help with blowing debris, sawdust and shavings from workshops.

Users also find the DXV14P Wet/Dry Vac rugged design as an advantage. When comparing to other models, you can say with this Wet/Dry Vac its a worry-free operation. Its water-resistant design will enable you to clean up after spills, leaks, debris and even dust.

Vacmaster VBV1210

To begin with, the Vacmaster VBV1210 is two machines in one. The unit is both a vacuum and blower. That is due to its powerful motor that enables enough and efficient functionality across different tasks.

The Vacmaster VBV1210 runs on a five HP peak motor that offers the necessary powerful performance. As such, you can also expect efficient vacuuming and blowing. For example, Vacmaster lists 210 MPH as the most airspeed that the Vacmaster VBV1210 can achieve. That is quite efficient to blow any dust or debris.

I also consider its 12-foot cord as a measure necessary for convenience while working. Remember, plus the heavy-duty casters you have the guarantee that of an extended range of movement around the workshop. The wheels help support the weight and give excellent ground clearance for mobility.

Craftsman 12006 XSP Wet/Dry Vac

The best selling point about this Craftsman model would have to be the powerful suction force available. The Craftsman 12006 XSP Vac peaks at 5.5 HP during full operation. The sheer power was enough for me to convince me to include the unit in this comprehensive list. Now the advantages don’t end there, the 12006 XSP Wet/Dry Vac also features innovative top-tray storage, hose, and power cord, organizer. We all know how hectic a workshop can get, and Craftsman recognizes the same.

Also, the manufacturer has made adjustments on the unit by giving it an extra-large drain to drain off the excess liquids into the tank.

To tackle the toughest jobs, the Craftsman Vac has the extensive 27-foot cleaning reach. You can stretch over a large room without worrying about unplugging it. In case you feel like turning it off, be sure to use the on/off power switch for quick control.

Best portable shop vacs

Ridgid WD4080 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vac w/ Blower

The first significant consideration would have to its size. Its 4-gallon tank makes it one of the smallest wet/dry shop vacuum I have come across. But, that doesn’t mean this shop vac cannot perform.

The Ridgid WD4080 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vac w/ Blower packs 120 cfm from its 6.0 HP peak motor. I would rank it as quite the performer compared to other expensive models and their suction capacity.

The Ridgid WD4080 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vac w/ Blower is also a 2 in 1 shop vac. When you remove the motor, the shop vac becomes a leaf blower and off you go.

You have the bonus of also operating it around the house thanks to its large castors plus maneuverable rear wheels. If you also got accessories and tools, the Ridgid WD4080 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vac w/ Blower offers a caddy to put your items.

DeWalt DCV581H

The significant aspect I found with this DeWalt shop vac is the running technology behind it. While its predecessor the DC580 run on battery, this model features many power options. You have the option of using your 18V or 20V max battery. Otherwise, you get to also power it with through the AC.

This model comes with advanced filtering technology which made it an excellent choice in dealing with fine dust. The high-efficiency HEPA filter adds the advantage of being washable/reusable. So, you can save money without having to replace the screen each time.

The design behind the DeWalt DCV581H also complements its weight and maneuverability. It’s not the lightest vacuum cleaner at 9.1 pounds and a 2-gallon tank. However, its casing and ergonomic handle enable users to carry it around without too much worry.

Shop-Vac 965-06-00

If its versatility and portability you seek then I recommend the Shop-Vac Pro Series Wet/Dry Vac. It comes with an 8-foot Lock-on Hose, extension wands, a wet/dry nozzle and crevice tool. But before you get excited, I would have to mention its rather small suction power. At only 3 HP it is about average, and I expect it not to handle much like the hyper robust shop vac motors.

You will also notice that it’s quite portable and as I came to find out it only bears a 6-gallon tank and the attachment. Plus the weight of the components, the Shop-Vac 965-06-00 only clicks in 10.4 pounds. The length of the cord is further impressive, and at 12-foot long its design fits movement around the workshop. I found it quite appealing to provide efficient results in small workshops, homes or garages.

Craftsman 12004

The Craftsman 12004 has around three HP, which is below average compared to most shop vac models. The motor can also convert into a blower to clean up your workspace quickly without having to use another tool.

Part of the design also comprises a 10-foot power cord that is decent but not enough for most projects. If you are covering a large area, be sure to know the cable combines with the hose to offer a 17-foot cleaning radius.

There is also the host of accessories that includes extension wands to help remove cobwebs from high ceilings . Plus the accessories, Craftsman also fit a hose system to ensure correct placement of the hose during use.

You won’t have to worry about portability with this model also as it has heavy caster made for portability and mobility. The wheels can move and rotate on a rough and uneven surface at 360-degrees.

DeWALT DXV10P 10-gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

While from the outlook it looks small, the DeWalt DXV10P still packs a powerful 5.5 peak HP motor. I find this enough to handle pretty much most cleanup jobs in the workshop or garage.

If you worry about its mobility, I’ll have you know that this DeWalt model has a 10-gallon capacity for sturdy operations. There is also the sizeable in-built drain. The feature would come in handy in helping remove liquids.

Most powerful shop vacs/highest cfm shop vacs

Ridgid WD1851

The Ridgid WD1851 puts their value on suction and power features as must-have for this shop vac. As a 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac it offers users 6.5 HP, which is the most powerful I have come across. There is also the impressive suction power with the Ridgid WD1851 hose of 203 cfm. With this, you can expect to practically suck up even the airborne dust, metal shavings and fine particles.

Another consideration to picking the Ridgid WD1851 would be its impressive mobility capacity. Now at 16-Gallon, it is not that easy to carry around. But, its design of large back wheels and swivelling casters at the from allow it to hover around.

You can also expect easy cord management while rolling around with the Ridgid WD1851. There are tabs to enable you to secure and release your cord, depending on the work distance. However, I cannot say there is any adequate hose management that I found out.

Ridgid WD1451

The first noticeable feature would be that the Ridgid WD1451 is quite sizeable and at 14-gallon it remains one of the largest wet-dry vacuum models. Besides, the motor is impressive as its peaks at 6 HP during work. Despite this powerful suction, the Ridgid WD1451 has a reputation for making very little noise.

The power cord is also quite extensive, and at 20 feet, you can expect to reach every corner of your workspace or garage.

You can also expect versatile vacuuming from the Ridgid WD1451. For instance, the hose is 7 foot in length with a large 2.5-inch diameter. In comparison to another model, I do feel it earns high marker since such features enable quick draining and disposal of dust, water spills and other residues.


The Fein Turbo I wet dry vac is also a common suggestion to consider whenever you seek which shop vac has the most suction. Don’t let the size of the shop vac fool you as it does get things done with its next-generation features and technology.

The most appealing feature to most customers would be the auto-start feature that power up the vacuum. You will find out that the shop vac only powers when the auto-start setting is on. Fein also put a slow shutdown feature that allows for the Fein TURBO I to stay on a while longer before the tool is turns off. 

Another general consensus among owners of the Fein TURBO I would be how lightweight it is when carrying around. Indeed, the Fein Turbo 1 Vacuum has a capacity of 5.8 gallons. That makes it an excellent guarantee to consider if you plan to have a portable shop vac you can move without hassle.

Power consumption is now at a full1100 watts. The increase now sees the Fein  TURBO I have a suction capacity of 151 cfm from a previous 116 cfm.

I’m sure you may want to know the cord and hose features within the Fein TURBO I. As I found out, the length of the cord and hose offer a decent 30 feet. Quite an advantage if you plan to collect dust and water spills from every corner. The design adds to this advantage since they move 360 degrees. You can maneuver it throughout the house, garage or workshop.


From my point of view, I began by evaluating the Turbo II’s power consumption to know whether it was up to the task. At 1100 watts, it is like the Turbo I and so among the most potent shop vac in the market. You will also find the same its has the same power-on delay function and Auto-start outlet to prevent current spikes. Relatively, the suction is quite high also at 151 cfm. That makes dust or water extraction quite easy for the power tool.

Likewise, the Fein TURBO II also has a similar cord and hose length as its predecessor the Turbo I. The cord length stands at 19.7 feet with a 25ft power cable. This is ample enough to move around my workshop or garage.

The only visible difference with the Fein TURBO II is its larger capacity and total weight. The Turbo II packs more capacity in its 8.4-gallon tank. Additionally, the pressure is 3 pounds more than the Turbo I version. Still, I found it pretty easy to maneuver with its ergonomic design.

Craftsman 12007 XSP Wet/Dry Vac

The sheer versatility of the Craftsman 12007 XSP Wet/Dry Vac lies in its powerful suction. You can make dirt, dust or spill disappear in seconds. A 6.5 HP motor whirr to life and you remain with a clean working space.

The mention that its a 16-gallon collection tank could have you fearing its portability. However, the XSP maintains a super-easy shop vac to move around. Its 360-degree swivel casters offer the perfect mobility for most surfaces.

On-board there is also the accessory, cord and hose organizers that save you the hassle of storage space. Another thoughtful feature with the 12007 XSP Vac would have to be its extra-large drain which empties into the tank when it’s full. Inventively enough, Craftsman also allows us to reach larger areas with its 27-foot reach(7-foot hose and 20-foot power cord length). I found it a contender for one of the best hyper robust shop vacs available.


In any event, I hope this list is comprehensive enough to cover the right shop vac with the appropriate suction. Be sure to check them out and ask for beforehand experience as to whether they all really do deliver.

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