How To Keep Polyurethane Brush From Drying Out

Is it possible to keep a polyurethane brush free from drying out? This is a common question often asked during woodwork finishes. The benefits of keeping a brush safe from dryness are many. One of them is saving much time when engaging in a project for a couple of days. This means no regular cleaning of the brush every day. It thus brings energy efficiency.

Preventing the drying out of a polyurethane brush is something achievable. Consider having the relevant tools for this. For instance, find plastic wraps or high-quality sandwich bags. Have some tapes as well. The main essence is to bring a barrier between the brush and air as this is what brings the dryness.

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Using the Sandwich Bag Method

In this strategy, aim at creating an air-tight seal around the brush. This is where you eliminate as much air as possible in the bag as you do the roll-over. The first step is to cut out a small wedge of the plastic bag. You can do this at the side or corner of it depending on the size and shape of the wrap. Start by inserting the handle of the polyurethane brush. At the same time, ensure that the opening of the bag is wide such that the bristles will remain intact.

Since the brush is now inside the bag, pull its handle till it perfectly tucks at the cut opening you made. At this stage, you are halfway through and what you need is to wrap the excess plastic around the brush. It is, therefore, advisable to have a bag that is relatively large to allow you to do several wraps. With this, you reduce the chances of the wet bristles getting exposed to films of air.

Finish the sealing by using tape. Through this, you prevent the bag from unwrapping which can cancel out all your efforts. Make a point of buying quality tapes as they tend to be more binding on the sandwich bag.

Apart from this procedure being useful for the in-operation brushes, it can be useful when storing your clean brushes as well. At times, the agents such as dust and moisture may interfere with the quality of the brushes hence air-tight sealing is significant.

Dipping the Brushes in Polyurethane Solution

Another alternative is keeping the brush bristles inside the polyurethane container. This keeps the brush free from the air which serves the same purpose more easily. However, one needs to ensure the prickles are fully immersed into the solution for better prevention of dryness. It may be a great idea to check the levels of polyurethane before proceeding with this approach.

Relate this to the size of the brush you have. The evaluations make you determine how efficient it will be to keep the brush in the solution even after closing the lid. Keeping it diagonally ensures the stability of the brush in the can.

Preventing polyurethane brushes from drying is one significant thing. This is achievable when one follows the right procedure. Wrapping the wet bristles with a sandwich bag is impactful. There are a couple of benefits emanating from this such as time efficiency especially when you are on a project for several days.

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