How Much Does It Cost To Have Wood Planed?

Ever wondered how much it costs to have wood planed? It is key to have the figures right for the budgeting to be accurate. Many woodwork shops are mushrooming as time is passing. This is somewhat bringing more diversity for customers in need of the planing services.

The cost of having wood planed is $75/hr in most woodwork shops. Some facilities may charge less or more depending on the level of technology employed in the project. The type of wood at times influences the cost since some need much attention. A good example is the Red Cedar which has some knots which require much work to be dealt with. The pricing at times fluctuates as a result of inflation.

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The Level of Technology

One key determinant in most planing services is the technology being employed in the production. As time is passing, you will find woodwork shops investing in modern resources such as the 15HP single head thickness machines. The shops, therefore, find a way to recover the cost in procuring and running the machinery by setting prices at a certain price.

Some of the shops will compensate the huge capital by attracting more clients. It makes them offer services at relatively fairer rates such as $60/hr and less. The provision of additional services sometimes results in the whole package being costly but it is worthwhile.

Sanding can be done manually and give appealing results. However, finding technicians with much experience in their work is significant as they offer quality services. They may charge more sometimes as they do exhaustive works. For the end-grain boards, the smoothing work will be comprehensive hence bringing that perfect surface finish you need.

Condition of the Wood

The nature of wood influences the total cost also. At the workshop, attention is put on the removal of the excess unnecessary wood layer. For the fresh lumber, much work is needed for the sanding work to be effective. The faces of the boards ought to be flat and square to each other as the case for new lumber from the mills. You will part with lesser money for the planing if your wood is in the best condition.

If you have used wood, the inspection work is done comprehensively to know which extra work is needed. For example, if your wood pieces have some nails and screws, it is a risk to the machinery working on the surfaces. Therefore, this adds a few more dollars to the overall cost. Anytime I buy second-hand wood, I do proper checks on any embedded materials such as screws to be on the safe side. Here, we recently wrote on how smooth a planer gets wood

The Size of Wood

Every inch being planed is catered for during the procedure. This makes most woodwork shops clear on the rate of charge per unit area. For better standardization, the charge per hour is settled for. With a huge load of wood pieces, your budget can go up as more hours will be spent during the smoothing work.

The planing activity on wood is pivotal and needs to be invested on. When thinking of taking the boards to a woodwork shop, keep in mind the issue of cost. The amount of money you will part with is influenced by several factors such as technological advancement at the center. The nature and size of the lumber are other variables put into consideration.

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