Can MDF Be Used for Cabinets?

Is it possible to develop cabinets from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)? Most of the time, much focus is made on structures that are robust and functional. It triggers the need to find materials that make wooden products durable and resistant to mechanical pressure. More trends are emerging in the manufacturing of cabinetry systems.

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MDF is a good example of modern engineered wooden structures. There are made of thin wood panels which are joined together through resin, wax, and wood fiber. The resultant fiberboard is normally strong as compared to plywood. It tends to be more dense and durable hence picked for the making of cabinets. Most cabinet doors are made using this material due to the sound properties. Why choose MDF for cabinets?

Resistance to Warping

The difference in temperature and humidity in the surrounding results in the contractions and expansions of MDF similarly to wood. The only disparity is that for the Medium-Density Fiberboards, there is no cracking or warping. It means the cabinetry can be free from mold development and rotting as agents such as moisture will be kept at bay. This is contributed by the nature of the board moving as a unit hence expands uniformly.


For the cabinet doors, you will find a wide range of options regarding the designs. Some of them are flat-paneled while some are shaker-styled. If you like raised doors the MDF cater to your interests. Due to the structure, the woodworking tasks such as drilling and cutting become easy.

The boards also come in different sizes and shapes which allow flexibility to the development of the cabinets. For the garage, one may need long cabinetry systems to utilize the vertical space. Such boards make this possible as there are large pieces.

High Water-Resistance

Cabinets are sometimes subjected to high moisture content. A perfect example is when fitted at the bathrooms and active kitchens such as in the restaurants. Moisture when not well-taken care of may result in the gradual decay of the wood. Mold development is also something likely to occur especially when there is no proper treatment of the wood.

MDF woods save you from a lot of struggle as it is generally water-resistant. The waxes, resins, and outer coats are made to withstand the high moisture content of the surrounding. Most manufacturers condition the structure to adapt well to high humidity.

Better Finishing

The general appearance of a wooden structure ought to be sleek. After doing staining, this is we can achieve this. However, certain woods look more elegant than others. This is normally due to the difference in the grain patterns. The MDF boards are made of fine particles which make the grains less shouting.

When painted, the surface finish ends up being smooth and elegant. The issues to do with wood bleeding through the paint will not occur. It makes the whole cabinetry look ultra-modern. Besides, MDF tends to be much economical as compared to solid wood.

The cabinetry systems ought to exhibit much strength and sleekness. This makes the use of MDF a proper option in the development of cabinets. The structure of these engineered boards is also water-resistance and easy to work with for woodwork projects.

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