Can I Spray Paint Wood Without Sanding?

Getting a new paint job on your wooden furniture is a great way to transform it on a budget. However, it can be quite time consuming and tiring when you have to sand it before painting. Many people often ask themselves whether it is possible to spray paint wood without sanding. You could have a huge platform bed that requires a lot of time energy. Maybe you do not have a sander and have no plans for buying one. 

This often begs the question; can I spray paint wood without sanding? If you have asked yourself this question before, you may be pleased to know there are a few options. While some require you to prep the surface, others do not need any prepping. Read on for more info.

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Options That Need Prepping

Use a Bonding Primer

Are you looking to coat a small outdoor table but have doubts about its ability to stick to the paint? Find a quality bonding primer that can be painted over the surface to form a base coat. Apart from wood surfaces, it can be used on metallic, vinyl, glass and many other surfaces. It also has fast drying time. Bonding primers are designed to get paint to stick onto various surfaces.

Prep Using a Liquid Sander

Also known as a deglosser, liquid sander is a chemical that dulls the paint that is supposed to be painted over. The best part about it is its ease of use. All you have to do is soak a rag in the compound and wipe it over the painted surface. As it is a chemical, always wear protective gear and use it in the outdoors.

Options that Do Not Need Prepping

If your intention is to totally avoid VOCs, mix milk bonding agents and milk paint in equal proportions. Milk paint retailers as a premixed compound or in powder form. You can mix it at home as it is biodegradable and nontoxic. It is a great option to use on wood. When mixed with a bonding agent, the surface does not need sanding before painting. The bonding agent acts as a primer.

If you are after a matte finish, chalk paint should get it done. Adhesive chalk paint can stick to most surfaces making it a great option if you do not want to sand. Apart from this, it can function as a chalkboard.

Where improved durability is needed, always prioritize mineral paint. In addition to its durability, it is also waterproof. However, you need to be ready to pay a premium as it is more expensive as compared to the other alternatives.

As seen above, it is possible to spray paint wood without sanding. There are various options, some which need prepping and others that do not. However, they all offer something different and you need to know exactly what you need. The options above can provide you with all the details you need to know about spray painting without sanding. You can still achieve a great look and durability. Since you may not get the look you are after with a single coat of spray paint, you need to remain patient and have enough time. 

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