Android Apps for Designing Woodworking Projects for Woodworkers

If you have an interest in DIY woodworking, then the best Android apps for designing woodworking projects for woodworkers are essential. Trust me. It might help to have the right woodworking skills, but with the right app, even unskilled hobbyists get a tool. These woodworking design apps are making the difference in amateur woodworking craft and the fine craftsmanship you will see. In some aspects, they are good enough to help you complete professional woodworking projects and master the art in the process.

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Unfortunately for the rest of us, the topic of conversation is which Android apps for designing woodworking projects for woodworkers works. In response to the question, I have made an effort to compile the best android apps for designing woodworking projects and crafts. You can be sure a sense of pride will come over you after using these apps. So it won’t be surprising if you recommend them when friends ask you which one of them did you use.

  1. Working with Wood Whisperer app
  2. WoodMaster
  3. DEWALT® Mobile Pro™
  4. Learn carpentry
  5. Planner 5D Interior Design
  6. Measure
  7. Smart Ruler
  8. Handyman Calculator
  9. Felder Group Woodworking

Best free android apps for designing woodworking projects

·         Learn carpentry

The absence of knowledge on woodworking projects should not impact you with the Learn Carpentry and Woodworking app around. For starters, its a completely free source of tutorial on tips to discover and learn woodworking subjects.

From the outlook, you can judge the Learn Carpentry application as an online course toolkit. That is because the app’s structure is tutorials with high-quality images to boot. You get to learn and review woodworking fundamentals such as measuring, tools, aids and marking.

You can also cut to a learn section for building tips, diagrams, drilling, and cutting techniques. That is, of course, if you find the sanding and marking techniques part of the basics you already know.

An element of great interest to all woodworking professionals would also be the Q&A section. As the name of the app suggests, this section provides woodworking learning skills. Users get to explore different sets of multiple questions and answers in flash-card form as an easy-to-read book. You can flip through the questions like that college book on woodworking.

·        Measure

The Measure app on Google Play is not a straight-up woodworking designing application. But it packs some of the most basics features for simple woodworking measurements in your everyday tasks. I would presume its a sort of virtual tape measure to carry in your smartphone.

With Measure, you can use different metric units to measure lengths and heights of objects around the office or house. You can also measure flat surfaces by merely pointing the camera to the surface and picking two points to measure.

For future reference, Measure also lets you take photos of your measurements. I find this quite an advantage if you work with multiple woodworking projects. You need to check your app photo album.

The last bit on Measure would be the ease of use. The woodcraft app is rather simple in terms of how it estimates measurements in different smartphones. According to Google LLC, you should expect the app performance to differ depending on how well your device works.

·         Smart Ruler

The Smart Ruler app is another application in the set of woodcraft apps available in the freemium section.

Its usage is rather simple as you only have to put an object on the screen, adjust and read the length. From this, you can also conclude that the Smart Ruler is a multi-touch app feature with calibration on different android devices.

About its name, the app also turns your smartphone into a smart ruler. There are a whole lot of units available and more to give you a great measurement tool.

Also available are four different measuring modes that help in the conversion of measurement from one unit to another. You will find this convenient for use in different woodworking situations.

But there are also add-on features available in the Pro version of the Smart Ruler app. Purchasing the Smart Ruler Pro app gets you no ads, a caliper mode, ruler extension, and various tilt units to use. If you like, you can also buy access to advanced protractors, architectural, and engineering scales.

·         Handyman Calculator

The Handyman Calculator app consists of a combination of solvers and conversion calculators in different fields of carpentry. But don’t expect it only to have skimp information and practicality. Its one of the best companions for woodworking professionals, as the name suggests.

From the specs sheet, the solvers and conversion calculators work as most apps in the woodworking section. There are calculators for feet, inches, cubic feet, and square feet. A basic calculator, contractor calculator, and carpenter calculator sum up the critical technology for woodworking specific measurements.

You also get a professional woodworking workshop tool with the Handyman Calculator. The app has a time tracking tool, notepad, and TO-DO list as the leading features in its menu category. The goal with these features is to offer convenience tracking your woodworking design projects,

·         Felder Group Woodworking

You will also come across the Felder Group Woodworking as practically one of the best free furniture design apps. Some testimonials even proclaim it as the ‘King’ in among android apps for designing woodworking projects for woodworkers. In my perspective, there is plenty of reasons for positive reviews.

For starters, the Felder Group Woodworking is free, which is terrific for woodworking beginners. For that matter, also it beats plenty of apps in the paid woodworking section.

Another positive aspect of the woodcraft app would be the extras this nifty app carries around. You will notice that the woodcraft app combines educative materials from three furniture brands-FELDER, FORMAT-4, and Hammer brands. These brands have made the app with an emphasis on a helpful toolbox to use alongside their woodworking machinery.

Judging from the specs sheet, I would also conclude at the app’s capability to provide perfection in woodworking. That is due to the multiple advanced tools you will find with FELDER’s app. For instance, there is a calculator, a QR scanner, a virtual tape measure, and a ratio panel.

If you happen to find trouble while using the FELDER Group app, a direct contact line is available with the support service department. We sought to test it out, and luckily, the company provides immediate feedback and followup on your application troubles. That was after finding out issues the app had with not working with smartphones of Android 6.0 and below.

Best paid android apps

·         WoodMaster

You will find that for under $8, you get much more than necessary woodworking calculations and measurements. Given its attributes, the WoodMaster integrates advanced sets of impressive woodworking features.

The first measure tool is the board foot calculator for measuring board feet for your lumberyard. Besides, the board foot feature lets you calculate and save the prices per feet for each of your boards.

A fractional calculator is also available in both numeric and slide rule styles. You are sure to add fractions in a fast and straightforward way, whatever the measurements.

Part of the features also includes the Golden ration function. For this functionality, the WoodMaster would have you use a simple calculator that helps determine the golden ratio of different woodwork designs you have around.

The last two functionalities include the joint types category and nail size companions catalog. I found the latter as a unique aspect for the android app since it gives you access to a guide on size pilot holes. You can, thus, match each screw and drill an exact hole.

Other capabilities making the WoodMaster a stand-out application is its length conversion utility. You can combine the service with the WoodMaster wood chart and start a project from the plans on offer. By this, I mean WoodMaster lets you begin a woodworking project from scratch for one of their shop items. The illustrations will include design plans, wood species, and measurement metrics.

Best freemium

·         Working with Wood Whisperer app

Your search for woodworking tutorials may have brought you to the popular Working with Wood Whisperer. But did you know that the woodworking tutorial site also has an app?

You will come across the Working with Wood Whisperer as one of the best woodcraft apps with a twist. Its indeed an app but with a focus more on videos about woodworking. A download of the app gets you over 100 videos of top-rated and recent woodworking projects to inspire you on the skill. That is quite a plenty of great content at your fingertips, considering the resource videos add up to more than a thousand hours of woodworking projects, and shop tours.

Also, there is the Wood Whisperer community, which is a kind of forum for users to interact with. I found it quite a source of knowledge since its possible to ask and answer questions.

But, working with the Wood Whisperer app has a purchase option for parts of the app. The TWW Store is a virtual market store where you can purchase the Guild items from the app. BUT Its not necessary to buy anything, but its no doubt very convenient.

·         DEWALT® Mobile Pro™

Any list on Android apps for designing woodworking projects for woodworkers would not end without the DEWALT® Mobile Pro™. It’s one of the handiest smartphone applications for woodwork construction on the professional end.

In my experience, a significant element to it is that its available for free download as a reference and training material. That means it provides plenty o features such as calculators, and conversion tools, which are customizable for convenience.

The DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ also does more by allowing the use of specific trades. In an aspect, this option lets you customize the app to include woodworking-specific formulas and calculations. Best of all, you can receive your results through email notifications. However, this is not free but rather an option available as an in-app purchase.

For that matter, the in-app buy is available in different categories. The DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ lets you choose between various packs that include Business, Carpentry, Concrete, Construction, and Site work packs. You will find that the packages are low-priced with the Carpentry-specific coming in at under ten dollars.

·         Planner 5D Interior Design

To help you turn your raw woodworking ideas real, the Planner 5D Interior Design offers collaborative and educative features. My review of the android software would have me explore the app’s architectural software.

For beginners, the app solution is compatible with virtual reality technology. To an extent, this makes the app unique since you can visualize each woodworking project using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It will only take you a single click to get a photo-realistic project of an immersive 2D and 3D woodworking design.

Additionally, there is a 150+ item catalog on different woodworking design projects you can choose to start. The app goes further also to include another 3000+ item catalog of different signatures and design to personalize your wood projects.

Since the Planner 5D Interior Design app expects extensive use, you will notice it comes with a multi-language option. I find this plus the offline capability as the best selling points of the application.

Yet, the element of free in the Planner 5D Interior Design app only lasts to a certain extent. The app only offers a free trial period from which you will have to buy a subscription to the much exhaustive woodworking tips and materials.


Any expert or hobbyist would have to consider the list of best Android apps for designing woodworking projects for woodworkers. They are comparable apps that even extend their functionality beyond your woodworking requirements. Whatever the case, the popularity of these android apps only makes woodworking a much more manageable topic to learn and grow your skill at any level. So get to try the apps and find one that suits your use in woodworking.

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