How to Change a Blade on Miter Saw: A Complete Guide

how to change miter saw blades

To speed up things on your woodwork workshop, there are some skills you need to acuire. Learning how to change a blade on a miter saw is one of them. In this post, I’ll discuss more on you can do this.

So, how do you change a blade on your miter saw? The most critical step in replacing a Miter Saw blade is getting the right blade for your machine. Since most miter saw blades are not universal, I’ll discuss how to change a blade for each miter saw brand separately.

How to Change Blades on Dewalt Miter Saws

The following is a procedure on how to change a blade on the different types of Dewalt miter saws.

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Changing a Dewalt Sliding Miter Blade

1. Disconnect power

The machine should be turned off and unplugged the from the power socket to avoid accidents that may damage the machine or harm you.

2. Raise blade

Put the blade at a higher position than the previous and follow to raising the blade guard.

A blade guard is a curved metal that covers the blade. Raising the blade guard to allow you to replace the blade.

The guard may be tightened using screws; in such a case, you need to find and loosen the screws

3. Lock spindle

A miter saw has a spindle locket the back or front. After locating it, press on it to secure the blade.

It will press down when locked. The spindle lock holds the blade in a stationary position.

It is important to lock it when inserting a new blade or replacing the old one.

4. Take out the blade

The blade is held in position by a bolt which you might need to loosen using an Allen Wrench.

Take care not to touch the inner washer of the blade as you remove the outer washer.

Take to the blade carefully and refrain from touching the teeth.

5. Change the blade

The blade washers may be covered in oil for lubrication.

It is essential to drain the oil before inserting the new blade.

The teeth of the blade should face the backside of the saw. Release the spindle lock and let down the blade guard.

Tighten all the screws and check that you return everything in place.

Perform a test cut to check if the saw is working correctly.

Changing Compound Miter Blade

The process of changing a compound miter blade is almost the same as changing that of a sliding miter.

The first step in replacing the blades of any type and brand of a saw is unplugging it to put the machine off and ensure safety.

  • Spin the blade until it is properly locked.
  • Find and loosen the arbor bolt.
  • Lift the blade guard and take out the old blade.
  • Insert the new blade.
  • Tighten all the loose screws and bolts.
  • Check if everything is in place and perform a test cut.

Dewalt is one of the many different brands of miter saws. There are other brands today, and it is essential to discuss the procedure of replacing saw blades in each. This article will discuss some of the common Miter Saw Brands which include;

  • Ryobi                                             
  • Hitachi
  • Harbor Freight                               
  • Bosch          
  • Porter
  • Ridgid
  • Cable
  • Makita
  • Delta       
  • Craftsman 
  • Black and decker

Changing a Ryobi Miter Saw Blade

Necessary equipment for replacing a Ryobi miter saw blade include;

  • 10 mm wrench
  • Hex key
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil
  • Combination square

Step 1: Safety first

Ensure you unplug the miter saw from any power socket. In case it was running, it is safer to let it stop spinning before proceeding.

Step 2: Release blade arm

Check to see whether the blade arm is locked, and when locked, it cannot move upward. Unlock it by pressing on the lock.

Step 3: Loosen the screws and bolts

Raise the blade guard to expose the screws and bolts tightening it. Loosen them and raise the blade guard higher.

Step 4: Remove the blade

Press on the spindle lock to secure the blade and prevent it from spinning. Take out the outer washer and avoid touching the inner washer. Carefully remove the blade and spared some oil on the internal washer.

Step 5: Insert the new blade

Slide the new blade on the spindle. The teeth should face downward at the front. Change the bolt of the outer washer then press on the spindle lock tightening the bolt. Put down the blade guard. Confirm if everything is in place then perform a test cut.

Replacing a Hitachi Miter Saw blade

Tools needed;

Step 1: Unplug the machine from any power outlet

Step 2: The blade guard covers the blade and is removed by pulling it upwards. Loosen the screw that mounts the blade guard then raise the guard higher for easier access to the blade.

Step 3: To prevent the blade from spinning, when taking it out, push a piece of wood below the blade.

Step 4: Loosen the bolt and remove the flange (a ring or plate that mounts it into the saw).

Step 5: Carefully take out the blade than the piece of wood underneath.

Step 6: Insert the new blade by acting in reverse to the steps of removing the old blade.

Steps to Replacing a Harbor Freight Miter Saw Blade

  1. Unplug the saw from any power sockets and press on the locking pin to prevent the blade from spinning
  2. Use a wrench to remove the center bolt and follow to loosen and remove the safety screw with a screwdriver.
  3. Lift the blade guard and press on the arbor bolt using a wrench to loosen and remove it. Pull out the flange and then the dull blade.
  4. Slide in the new blade and the flange and immediately tighten the arbor bolt.
  5. Release the blade guard, tighten the center bolt and release the locking blade.

Changing a Delta Miter Saw

  1. Unplug the saw from any electrical source
  2. Loosen and take out the screw located to the left of the saw guard and spin the cover to the back.
  3. Place a hex wrench at the opening on the motor shaft to prevent the blade from rotating.
  4. Loosen and remove the arbor screw. Take out the flange and the blade too.
  5. Carefully place the new blade on the arbor, followed by the flange and then tighten the arbor screw.

Changing the Blade on a Ridgid Miter Saw

  1. Unplug the miter saw from any source of power.
  2. Alter the saw table and the saw’s bevel to meet a 90-degree angle and fasten the locking pin.
  3. Behind the blade guard is a spindle lock. Press on it to lock.
  4. Loosen and pull out the spindle bolt and washer.
  5. Retract the blade guard to access the blade. Carefully remove the blade from the shaft.
  6. Slide in a new blade into the spindle shaft and ensure that the blade is in the correct position and return the blade washer.
  7. Fasten the spindle bolt.

Replacing the Blade on a Craftsman Miter Saw

  1. Unplug the saw from any power supply outlet.
  2. Lift the arm and place it at a high position to ensure enough working space.
  3. Detach the blade guard from the blade and put it aside.
  4. Use a wrench to unlock the blade and take it out gently.
  5. Place the new blade on the surface and fasten the blade lock with a wrench.
  6. Return the blade guard to its former position and tighten the bolt that holds the blade guard in place.
  7. Power up the saw and check to see if the saw is functioning normally.

Replacing the Blade on a Hitachi Miter Saw

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the saw before servicing and if it was running, wait until it stops spinning.
  2. Before replacing, check whether the new blade is compatible with the saw.
  3. Rise the blade guard to allow access to the blade and the screw that mounts the blade to the saw.
  4. Place a piece of wood below the blade to avoid the rotation of the blade.
  5. Loosen the bolt with a wrench and pull out the piece of wood.
  6. Take out the blade flange and then the blade.
  7. Slide in the new blade and reverse the procedure of removing the old blade.
  8. Check if everything else is in the right place and is in an excellent condition to work.

Bosch Miter Saw Blade Replacement

Items that you will need;

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Blade wrench
  1. Unplug the saw from electrical supply to avoid its unintentional activation.
  2. Unscrew the screws located to the right side of the blade.
  3. Turn the cover plate to expose the arbor bolt. The arbor bolt is black and resembles a button located around the power switch of the saw. Rotate it until it is in place.
  4. Loosen the arbor bolt and pull out the washer and the outer one. The inner washer can be found opposite the blade and should not be removed.
  5. Carefully remove the blade from the saw and replace with the new blade.


In spite of having different Miter Saw brands, the procedures for changing the blades are almost similar and differ only when some brands have additional safety measures.

Therefore, you need to purchase a blade that is compatible with the saw and produces the right results for your job.

It is necessary that you seek information about the best blades from your Miter Saw brand as one that does not align with the saw may cause damage to the equipment and is risky to operate.

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